Teenager who killed two sisters in ‘pact with demon to win lotto’ gets life

The teenage Satanist who murdered two sisters in Wembley has been sentenced to life in jail with a minimum period of 35 years.

anyal Hussein (19) fatally stabbed Bibaa Henry (46) and Nicole Smallman (27) in June last year as they celebrated a birthday in Fryent Country Park in north London.

Hussein said he had written a blood pact with a demon before the attack, in which he agreed to kill women in return for winning the lottery.

Sentencing him, Mrs Justice Whipple told the court: “You had found these two women, you were a stranger to them, you surprised them, you terrified them and you killed them.”

She reflected that the “injuries inflicted were appalling” and described how Ms Henry had suffered eight stab wounds and Ms Smallman 40 stab wounds and incisions.

Hussein declined to give evidence in his trial and claimed he was not responsible for the killings or for writing the pact.

He appeared at the Old Bailey for sentencing via video link and was crouched on his chair as Mrs Justice Whipple sentenced him to a minimum of 35 years in jail.

She also sentenced him to 18 months’ detention in a young offenders institution for the carrying of a knife in a public place.

Mrs Justice Whipple said: “To lose two treasured family members and friends in this way is unimaginable, but you made that loss worse by your refusal to acknowledge your actions.”

She highlighted that the defendant’s insistence he was not culpable for the crimes subjected the victims’ family to hearing weeks of graphic and upsetting evidence in court.

The judge described how Hussein had tried to conceal evidence by throwing the sisters’ phones into a pond in the park. He also tried to hide both bodies in the bushes and defiled them by positioning them in an embrace.

He had “meticulously planned these murders” by ordering items from Amazon, including a balaclava and two folding shovels.

When police searched his mother’s house after the attack, they found an “agreement” in Hussein’s bedroom. The document was signed as “me” with the name Danyal written in blood.

Mina Smallman, the mother of the victims, said: “There will be no celebrations here, but justice has been done. I think we need to review that separation – when is someone an adult?”

Because Hussein is not yet 21, he could not be given a whole life tariff. (© Independent News Service)

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